Pink Flamingo Cupcakes Are Perfect for Summer

Pink Flamingo Cupcakes

What could be a more perfect summer treat than pink flamingo cupcakes? These adorable little guys are easy to make and oh so pink!

If you know me at all, it’s no secret to that I love sugar. And cute little animals. And everything pink. How could I possibly resist a creative project that includes all three?

The Popularization of Pink Flamingos

For more than 60 years, the pink lawn flamingo has adorned yards and gardens all over the world. It’s an unmistakable sign of summer, beaconing suburban American families to head outside for good times in the sunny, perfectly manicured back yard.

Flamingo Gardians
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Don Featherstone [1], an art school grad and sculptor is credited with creating this pink plastic creature. He first sculpted it for Union Plastics, a company he later became president of. He called it “Phoenicopterus ruber plasticus[2].

Although the lawn ornament had it’s hay-day midcentury, when plastic was just becoming widespread through mass-production, it’s kitschy appeal remains. The pink flamingo is a ubiquitous, if somewhat kitschy, part of pop culture all these decades later.

Pink Flamingo Parties

It’s been a long time since those first pink flamingos debuted. These days, they’re not just for the lawn. Adorning everything from beach towels to pool floaties to flip-flop sandals, flamingos are now a classic theme for summer get togethers.

Of course, you don’t need to throw a big bash to have fun with them. The pink flamingo cupcakes I’ve gathered below would be just as welcome at a family BBQ or in the kitchen on a rainy afternoon. Wherever you end up eating them, these pink flamingo cupcakes is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

I know cake decorating with kids can be messy. But these guys are easy to whip up (you could definitely use a boxed mix for the cake). They would be a great baking and decorating project to tackle with kids. It’ll be totally worth the clean up time when you see a little flock of bright pink birds hanging out in your kitchen!

Inspiration for Making Pink Flamingo Cupcakes

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Pink Flamingo Cupcakes Are Perfect for Summer

Pink Flamingo Cupcakes

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