How to Make a Slip Knot on the Needle

Slip Knot on the Needle - Done

If you’re learning to knit or crochet, you won’t get far without a slip knot. It’s the standard way to start a cast on (that’s knitting talk for loading the stitches onto the needle). Did you know you can make a slip knot on the needle?

Read on for a simple way to tie a slip knot right on your knitting or crochet needle!

Need to make a plain ole’ regular slip knot on your fingers? Learn how to make a regular slip knot here!


Make a Slip Knot on the Needle – Step by Step

Videos not your thing? Follow along below with snapshots and written instructions. 

Step 1.
Position the yarn

Find the loose end of your yarn – this is the tail. Hold the needle in your left hand with the point up and to the right.

Step 2.
Wrap over and back

Begin wrapping the tail yarn around the needle, from front to back. You will end up with 2 loops on the needle and the tail yarn at the back of the needle.

Step 3.
Pull the first yarn over

Pull the first yarn (the loop on the left) over top of the second yarn (the loop on the right). Hold in place with your left fingers.

Step 4.
Pull the second loop over

Now pull the second loop (which will now be on the left) over top of the first loop (which is now on the right).

Step 5.
Pull the loop off the needle

Pull this second loop all the way off the end of the needle.

Step 6.
Snug the yarn strings

Snug up the yarn by gently pulling on the yarn tails. Don’t over tighten them!

Slip Knot on the Needle - Done
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A slip knot! Very nice.

Well done! Now, go back to the beginning and do it 10 more times. You’ll be a pro in no time!


Now that you know how to make a slip knot on the needle, it’s time to DO something with your new slip-knotting skills! Would you like to learn to knit?

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