How To Make a Slip Knot

How to make a slip knot

There are some crafting skills that are absolutely essential, and this is one of them. Slip knots are a versatile tool in many crafts, but particularly to start knitting and crocheting project. Learn to make a slip knot perfectly in 10 easy steps!



How to Make a Slip Knot – Step by Step

Videos not your thing? Follow along below with snapshots and written instructions. 

Step 1.
Position the Yarn

Find the loose end of your yarn – this is the tail. Pull the tail close to your body, with the ball of yarn to the back, further away.

Step 2.
Wrap over and back

Begin wrapping the tail yarn around the top two fingers of your left hand, from front to back.

Step 3.
Complete the wrap

Wrap around the bottom of your fingers, and back over the top to the back, so you’ve formed a full loop around your fingers.

Step 4.
Push the string through

Push the tail yarn through the loop on your fingers, from the back.

Step 5.
Pull the loop through

Hook your finger or thumb into the tail loop and gently pull it through.

Step 6.
Let go of the yarn

Let go of all of the yarn EXCEPT the tail loop you just formed.

Step 7.
Pull the tail loop through

Pull the tail loop through the loop that was on your fingers.

Step 8.
Snug up the strings

Gently tug on both the tail loop and the tail and ball yarns to make the slip knot snug.
Don’t over tighten it!

Insert needle into loop

Stick your knitting needle or crochet hook through the loop.

Step 10.
Pull tail to tighten loop

Gently pull the loop with the knitting needle or crochet hook, and the tail yarn at the same time to slide the knot into place.

How to Make a Slip Knot 13

All Done!

Beautiful! Well done! Go back to the beginning and do it 10 more times, and you’ll be a total pro!


Now that you know how to make a slip knot, it’s time to DO something with your new knotting skills! Would you like to learn to knit?

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