Make a Custom Camera Strap

DIY Camera Strap

A custom camera strap is a great way to personalize your photography gear. You can, of course, order a custom strap. There are lots of nice ones around. But nothing is more custom than something you made yourself!

Custom Camera Straps You Can Order

Gone are the days where a black plastic webbed strap was your only choice for carrying your gear. These days, camera straps come in every shape and size.

A quick search of Etsy found some very nice straps!

Rifle Paper Co
Camera Strap

Mimi green straps</5>
$42 on Etsy

Leather Bee Hive
Camera Strap

RSVP Hand crafted</5>
$50 on Etsy

Floral Scarf Style
Camera Strap

Olive & Rye Design</5>
$42 on Etsy

Try Making Your Own Custom Camera Strap

Maybe you don’t have space in your budget for a pre made strap. Or perhaps you are looking for a specific color? You might want to take a stab at making your own camera accessories!

Learn to Make
a Camera Strap!

Michelle from Make & Mess lays out how to make this adorable custom camera strap on her blog. The post takes you step by step through making your own DIY custom camera strap.

See the tutorial

Materials Michelle uses in her tutorial.

Michelle’s tutorial shows you how to make a camera strap. But with a little imagination, you could make a custom strap for anything – a purse, a gym bag, a lanyard. You’ll need most of the same tools and skills outlined on Make & Mess!

See the custom camera strap tutorial

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