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Fabulous Florals & Feathers Design Bundle

My long awaited Floral & Feathers Design Bundle is finally available! I’m excited to offer my HUGE Fabulous Floral & Feathers Design Bundle for a limited time. This is my very first floral bundle, so I filled it to the top with great flowery, feathery stuff! I’ve included many of my best selling Floral Packs, plus lots of other fun design [ More … ]

Paper Crafting Meets Grade 9 Biology

If the idea of dissecting a real frog makes you squirm, you might be better off examining this paper-cut version. Designed as a cover image for H Magazine, the mad genius at Lobulo Studio really nailed this one. Check out all the awesome paper art at Lobulo Designs.

Tribal Vector Graphics Now in 36 Colors

I finally spent some time last week updating one of my more popular art series. Because it’s been such a hit, I added 26 new colors to my Be Brave Tribal Vector Graphics, in addition to the original 10 color themes. Just in case your math skills are as rusty as mine, that’s 36 color [ More … ]

Tribal Arrow Vectors Now in 36 Colors

Yesterday I continued updating my Be Brave Tribal Series, which I originally release in just 10 colors. This time I added 26 new color themes to the “Tribal Arrows” set. In case you’re counting, that’s 36 color themes to choose from. Now these fun tribal arrow vectors are available in virtually every color you can imagine! [ More … ]

Free Bridal Shower Printables from #jessiekdesign

Free Bridal Shower Printables Invitation

If you’re a bridesmaid this summer (or perhaps even the bride), you may be scrambling to put together the PERFECT bridal shower. There’s so much to think of. Perfect food, perfect decorations, perfect invitations. If a bridal shower is eminent, I’m about to make your life a whole lot easier. Check out these adorable, editable, [ More … ]

Free Summer Flowers Clipart & Vectors

Free Summer Flowers Clipart

Summer is in full swing and I have been spending WAY to much time in the garden! Most of the plants I grow in my own little gardens are edible (veggies, herbs, fruit and lot’s of berries) but if you’ve so much as glanced at my blog or shop you’ll know that I absolutely adore flowers too. I know [ More … ]

New Baby Clipart in Tons of Colors

Pink New Baby Clipart

My Oh Baby Series of new baby clipart has been updated with lots of new colors, and is now available on! This set features all the baby gear you’ll need to create baby shower invites, decor and games. With 28 diverse color themes, you can also use it for nursery decor or baby announcements. [ More … ]

Adorable Copic Marker Birthday Card

Copic Marker Birthday Card

This copic marker birthday card is way too adorable not to share! This copic color creation by Michele Boyer from Paper Cuts features a party piggy and two chicks, and is further decorated with ribbons, lollies and sequins. I really love the way Michele created this card using a “Stamp and Color” technique. The vibrant copic marker colors [ More … ]

New Lucy Dahlia Clipart in 96 Colors

Lucy Dahlia Clipart

Colors, colors, colors! I just finished adding my Lucy Dahlia Clipart to my Lucy Florals collection. The set comes in HUGE variety of 96 colors (including some brand new ones!) This set features big, bold flowers with a variety of outlines. Great for layering to create borders and unique designs. With 96 different color combinations [ More … ]

Ribbon Banner Clipart Added in 40 Colors

This art has been a long time coming! I just added this ribbon banner clipart set to my Banner Basics series. It’s the updated version of one of my original sets from way back in 2014. The clipart set includes DOUBLE the banners for the same great price! They’re also available in 40 lovely color themes. [ More … ]

Free Dahlia Clipart in Navy & Blush

Free Dahlia Clipart

I thought I would share this free dahlia clipart set in one of my most popular color themes – Navy & Blush – for free! Dahlias are such a pretty flower. They’re one of my favourites. This series is definitely a designer favourite too – it’s one of my most downloaded art sets!

Free Printable Scandinavian Gift Tags from Fox and Hazel

Free Printable Scandinavian Gift Tags

I love Scandinavian design. Especially at Christmas time. Last week I posted a roundup of awesome Scandinavian Christmas Decor, and I thought I’d follow up with these Free Printable Scandinavian Gift Tags from Fox + Hazel.

Pantone Ultra Violet is the Color of the Year!

Pantone Ultra Violet

Pantone Ultra Violet is a strong, bold color. It’s mystical. It’s moody. According to a few readers in the comment section, it’s  “nauseating”. Love it or hate it, Pantone Ultra Violet will no doubt grab the spotlight in 2018!

Sleeping Bears Clipart Sets – Beary Cute!

Ok guys. Get ready to saw “Awwwwwe”. 🙂 This new Sleeping Bears clipart set is the first in my new “Beary Cute” series, which will chronicle the adventures of these charming teddy’s. I’ve been working on this little series for a while. I’m so happy with how they turned out. I can’t wait to draw [ More … ]

Malted Chocolate Easter Egg Cake

Malted Chocolate Easter Egg Cake

I LOVE this Malted Chocolate Easter Egg Cake!! It’s hard to believe that Easter is just a few weeks away! I’ve been looking for a cute dessert to make for Easter dinner with my in-laws. Something fun and not to fussy. When came across this adorable Malted Chocolate Easter Egg Cake from, I realized [ More … ]

7 Pretty Easter Eggs to Inspire You This Easter

Blue and Gold Easter Eggs

I really love spring. I love flowers, birds and pretty easter eggs. This year, Easter is particularly welcome. It’s been a very long, cold winter, and I can’t wait to get back outside! Spring flowers are starting to poke out of the ground and the afternoon sun is getting warmer. Birds are singing but the [ More … ]

Secret Room Behind the Wardrobe

Secret Room Behind the Wardrobe

This Secret Room Behind the Wardrobe project stole my heart! Max and I were just talking about The Chronicles of Narnia last night. We’re almost at the end of the Series of Unfortunate Events books, and the C.S. Lewis classic Narnia Series is next on our reading list. (If you’ve never read it, four young siblings enter [ More … ]

How To Make a Slip Knot

How to make a slip knot

There are some crafting skills that are absolutely essential, and this is one of them. Slip knots are a versatile tool in many crafts, but particularly to start knitting and crocheting project. Learn to make a slip knot perfectly in 10 easy steps!

How to Make a Slip Knot on the Needle

Slip Knot on the Needle - Done

If you’re learning to knit or crochet, you won’t get far without a slip knot. It’s the standard way to start a cast on (that’s knitting talk for loading the stitches onto the needle). Did you know you can make a slip knot on the needle? Read on for a simple way to tie a [ More … ]